Music Review: Least of These – Change Will Come

Least of These consists of 4 young men from the DFW area in Texas, who simply want to know Christ more deeply. Their goal as a band is to spread the gospel throughout the nations and love others in doing so. They are a band set on writing honest, passionate, and heartfelt lyrics put to music that is equally as passionate. Least of These is a band that doesn’t try to fit in a mold, but writes whatever is put on their hearts no matter what the sound is. Christ is the main reason this band exists and He gets all the glory.

least of these - change will comeIn 2011, the Christian indie-rock band  Least of These released an EP entitled More than Conquerors that captured my heart, with their raw style, emotionally engaging lyrics, and their heartfelt honesty. Many rock bands have a tendency to lean towards one of the other, but very rarely does a band get it right in all three of those areas.

I was enjoying their EP, but I fell in love with this band after hearing their song – The Call.

Scriptures call “Awake Oh Sleeper”
But the Church doesn’t hear
And the Spirit presses on our souls
But we close our hearts

To say that I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of their full length release – Change Will Come would be an understatement.

I was thinking about the words that I would use to describe their latest release, and as challenging as that has proven to be I have settled on this word – hypnotic.  There have only been a few releases from bands that have ever fully captured and engaged my entire soul while listening to them (My Epic, Ascend the Hill, and the Ember Days in case you were curious).

Musically, the band has matured above and beyond their sound from the More Than Conquerors release. Their combination of harmonies and melodies are mixed perfectly, the tempos interchange beautifully between songs, and the transition to some of the harder elements of the songs seem to fuel the emotional connections in each song.

Lyrically, every song leaves me captivated, engaged, convicted, and thankful for God’s grace and mercy.

Charles Spurgeon wrote “He would have His people supremely blessed, He would have every vessel of mercy full to the brim with the oil of joy; and the way to make us so is to give us the Gospel. ” I believe that sums up my experience listening to this cd.

I’ve never written a song by song review, much less an album review, but I’ve also never felt compelled to, that is until I heard this one.  So here is my track by track review of the 2013 release Change Will Come by Least of These.

The Son The Kingdom ft. Levi the Poet

The cd kicks off with a fantastic anthem, which will give you a great indication of what the rest of the cd has to offer. One of my favorite lines in the song – “You called me Your Son, and in Your eyes I’m not denied” is one of those great truths that will keep you going throughout the whole day.  Levi the Poet makes a very powerful presentation of the Great Commission in the midsection of the song which builds and builds to a powerful closure to the song.  It would be real easy just to stop right here and listen to the first song again before you go to the next song. But don’t do that, you don’t want to miss the next song.

Dealing At the Crossroads

This is one of my favorite songs which musically reminds me of My Epic (also one of my favorite bands). It begins softly “I heard the story of a man, who had breakfast with the devil”, and leaves us with “I heard the story of a man who had dinner with Jesus”. The song in essence is the Gospel, and it will grip you. The chorus is resounding with the words “Come and rest in My love, I’ll greet you with open arms, and I’ll love you forevermore.”

This is Confidence

This is probably the hardest song on the cd, with some of the greatest lyrics on the entire cd. “I know who I am, by looking at who You are.” I love the contrasting soft vocals against the screaming vocals, but it’s the middle of the song that totally draws me in.  The song transitions from a post-hardcore song to a beautiful mix of melodies that are sure to capture your heart.

Broken Record

This is another great song that describes the deception of the enemy, and how the writer is no longer willing to fall for it. “You’re darkness is no longer welcome inside my head.”  This song has a different feel from the other songs on the cd, but at the same time I believe it shows the bands growth and progression.

Exchanging the Truth for a Lie

A little bit of a slow down on this track about false idols. Lyrically this is probably my second favorite song on the cd.  I’ve found myself singing this song more than all the others.  The chorus alone is worth buying the entire cd.  I’ll just leave it at that and let you listen to this song.


A great musical interlude to help prepare you for the greatness of the next track and the shift of emotions that follow to the end of the cd.

Bearing in and Out

“I’m tired of running from all my convictions. You set me free from all my addictions.” A song about addiction, and one of the most emotionally charged songs on this cd.  This song reeks of a much needed honesty that is missing from so many artists today regardless of what your addiction is.  I also believe that this is the turning point of the entire cd as the next few songs address a lot of topics and thoughts that many artists strive to steer clear of.  I want to personally thank the band for this one.

When Seeing Still Isn’t Believing

A song about doubting God.  Some of the things the band touches on in this song are things we all struggle with.  Also for those of you who loved the  vibrato vocals on More Than Conquerors, you will hear some of that in this song.

Be Still and Know

I don’t like this song. There I said it. But the reason I don’t like it is because it convicts me. It’s hard to sing along with a song that convicts your heart. “I am the king of saying the right things.” It is a beautifully honest song however, and if I can get beyond the personal conviction one day I will love this song.

Change Will Come

What a perfect way to end this cd.  Beautiful words and melodies, and a powerful ending.   The only downside to this song is that it is indeed the last track.  But there is good news! After this song is over you can go back and listen to the entire cd again (unless you want to listen to the last track again).

Thanks guys for putting out one of the best releases of 2013. God bless.

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